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enjoy visiting congregation, religious schools, camps and books fairs for speaking engagements.I live outside Washington, DC, and am happy to do single session programs or longer author-in-residence programs.    If you are planning an author event or Jewish book fair, I would be delighted to discuss your plans.

A few ideas for visits:

  • A Shabbat or Holiday for Pre-School or Elementary School students, including an art project to create a ritual item.  With Engineer Ari visits, I come in costume!
  • A visit combining a short history of the Jaffa-Jerusalem railway, including pictures, with a reading of an Engineer Ari book 
  • Interfaith family program or a parenting/grandparenting program based on Papa Jethro
  • High School or Adult creative writing seminar
  • Adult Education or Hebrew High School program on Modern Midrash, using Lilith's Ark as an example
  • Rosh Hodesh gathering for teen girls or teen girls and their mothers to explore Lilith's Ark
I look forward to hearing from you!

Telephone: 240-328-4854
Email: DeborahBCohen@gmail.com